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Let’s Get Started!

We are so excited to bring your project to life and here a just a few things you must know in order to make the process seamless

The examples I’ll send are for inspiration, but also to allow you to see how YOUR IDEAS come to life. Listed below are the things you’ll need to send in the format you’d like the end-user to be able to use the planner in a way that will allow them to execute, monetize and be held accountable.

What are the Next Steps

Step 1: *If your going to do templates here for them to choose from the please place the examples here as well as box for them to check for look and layout

Step 2: Upload word content

Step 3: Onboarding call with design team to make sure we set the expectations or your project

Step 4: First draft edit review. This allows you to make any modifications in the look and design of the project. All corrections in copy, grammar and or typo’s should be addressed at this time to avoid additional billing.

Step 5: Final layout edit review. This is the final edit phase of the project and all errors should be addressed at this time. (All edits should be uploaded in the form of a Word document. Each modification should be identified by the page number and any text should be typed exactly as it should be written on the page indicated)

Step 6: Design file email delivery

Step 7: Print. All payment for printing the project are billed separately and a quote for print is given at the time of final page count.

*Shipping cost due upon date of shipment.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • DO Create your planner layout in a Word Document as you imagine it will be Designed by an actual designer. No need to become a designer overnight, but examples and good details, will help with the design process.
  • DO Complete the Submission Form to the best of your knowledge.
  • DON’T Use too much text
  • DON’T Create a planner with too many pages.